Stop Searching for the Cause of Homosexuality

In today’s Knoxville News Sentinel there is a story about two local men who were married in Iowa back in 2010, who now want to seek a divorce. Because same-gender marriage is not legal here in the state of Tennessee, these men have no clear way to dissolve their marriage.

As you can imagine, in the comments section of this story, someone made the observation that homosexuality is a choice–that there is no “gay gene”. The implication is that gay people should be cured so that society doesn’t have to deal with marriage issues and other LGBT equality issues.

When I think of all of the time, money, and manpower that has been wasted trying to discover what causes people to be gay, I become frustrated and angry. WHY are we still looking for a cause?

Medical and psychiatric scientists around the world have determined that homosexual people are as functional as heterosexual people. We can hold jobs, recreate, worship, raise families, have relationships, contribute to society, etc., just as heterosexuals. We are no different than heterosexuals in these regards.

It’s time to stop looking for a “cause” and move on to “acceptance” that we exist, we have always existed, and we will continue to exist long into the future.

I like to respond to those people who insist that homosexuality is a “choice” by challenging them to make the “choice” to change their own orientation. “Show us that it can be done”, I say to them. If you are a heterosexual man who believes that orientation can be changed, then become gay. Force yourself to be attracted to other men. Date men. Develop a relationship with a man. Maybe even marry a man for a few years. Really throw yourself into it.

It’s as preposterous for me to ask them to change their orientation as it is for them to ask me to change mine.

The bottom line is that there are so many other issues that need to be addressed. For one more scientist to spend another second trying to figure out why people are gay is a colossal waste of resources.


5 thoughts on “Stop Searching for the Cause of Homosexuality

  1. eyeontheuniverse says:

    This isn’t an issue, it’s science. Of course there’s no single “gay gene”, we’ve known that for ages. But the wide range of genetic and epigenetic contributors to sexuality is highly relevant to our understanding of human development, of which sexuality is an enormous part. We aren’t going to shut down scientific inquiring just because some stupid religious nuts don’t understand (and largely don’t read) the research. These studies aren’t done to “solve the problem”. Researchers are interested in a much bigger picture of how the brain and body develop.

    • I don’t know… I just feel like the LGBT community is under a microscope being studied–to better understand us as though we are aliens.
      And while I understand that scientists have one agenda, you have to admit that certain other groups will act based on what scientists discover.
      For example, will there be groups who use scientific findings create a test that will predict the orientation of their unborn fetuses? Would some parents want to terminate a pregnancy based on a positive test result?
      And if no physical evidence is ever found that indicates homosexuality is naturally occurring orientation along the continuum of human sexuality, won’t certain groups continue to denounce support for the LGBT community because they believe our attractions are “choices” and behavior based?
      When science spend as much time studying the biology of religious extremists; trying to find out why they behave the way they behave, then maybe we can go back to studying gays.
      In the meantime, I’m tired of hearing about it. We just need to accept homosexuality as a natural orientation and move on.

      • eyeontheuniverse says:

        The United States, where scientists are relatively supportive of gay rights, makes up only about 4% of the worlds population. Even If you look at all of the Americas and Western Europe, you are still talking a minority of the world’s population. If research doesn’t occur here, it WILL occur in Russia, Saudi Arabia, India (getting worse…) other countries that have both a more negative bias and a more dubious scientific history. You cannot stop the world from doing this research, so it had better at least be done in countries where we can have some faith in the product.

        Even here, we really need the related research. Some sexuality issues are much more important to understand, including people who have no sexual interests or attractions that could be harmful. We know that chemicals in the environment can affect the brain it’s development and given the degree of pollution we do need to understand sexuality development enough to know if we are in danger of producing an entire asexual generation of some other undesirable product.

        Yes, I do recognize the threat, but there were threats long before anyone looked at genes and epigenetics. And the reality is the research can’t be stopped. The best we can do is hope it is in the right hands and work to frame the conversation to make sure findings aren’t misused.

    • Lily…
      I don’t think you’ll find any passages in scripture that support homosexuality. But does a lack of support of an issue categorically mean that it is forbidden?
      Overhead, just this minute, a jet plane flew through the sky. It’s somewhere between 5,000 and 6,000 feet above the planet. It’s filled with people–many of whom are Christians.
      Let’s go to scripture… Is there anything in scripture that says it’s OK to fly in a 150 ton, metal machine at 6oo mils per hour? The answer is clearly “no”.
      As I’ve tried to remind people over and over, scripture is a group of stories, letters, and books; written about specific people during a specific period. We can gather a great deal from scripture.
      However, if we wish to know what God wants for us as individuals, we need to go to Him directly through prayer.
      Millions of gay Christians around the world have done just that–we’ve gone to God. We spent parts of our lives in torment; being told that our orientation is sinful, while at the same time being unable to change our attractions. It is a very difficult predicament.
      But, Lily, God speaks to us. He reaches out to us. He lets us know that He made us the way He intended. He fills our lives with joy and abundance. He wants us to be happy.
      As someone who is heterosexual, I’m sure you’ve never had to go to God with this issue. We have… We have gone to Him and received His blessing. That’s all we need.
      Scientists and society want to spend so much time trying to figure out why gay people exist; what purpose we serve in mankind.
      I don’t know the answer to that question. It’s not important to me that I know. It’s kind of like asking the question, “Why are some people born left-handed, while others are born right-handed?”. Not really sure why that is, but we have lefties and righties throughout the world.
      Did you know that at one time (and in some cultures this is still the case) left-handed people were thought to be evil? Folks would go to scripture and find all kinds of references to “sitting at the right hand of God” and assume that those sitting on the other hand (the left) must be sinful. They concluded that left-handed people were of Satan.
      That kind of stuff sounds ridiculous to us today. And in time, I suspect that the belief that homosexuality is sinful will sound just as ridiculous.
      Sorry for being so wordy… I hope I’ve answered your question.

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